'Rejoice', Sonnie Badu's new publish

Sonnie Badu has published another hit "Rejoice" 


Rejoice in the Lord always
Oh My Soul rejoice in the Lord always
Again I say Rejoice In The Lord Always
Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice
Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

Woke up this morning burdened and broken down
No food on my table, The Landlord knocking my door
Everybody pointing fingers, No one to call a friend
But still I say it is well with my soul
And Then I heard a voice saying rejoice

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The marriage is drifting down the children all at home
Been jobless for a while I keep crying on my bed
The pain is weighing me down I’m bearing it all alone
But still I say It Is well with my soul 
And then I heard a voice saying Rejoice
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Now that I’m rejoicing my skies are turning blue
The floodgates are open, It’s raining all around me
I can feel your love within me, gives me hope to live again
(Your Love) Sweeter than honey (Your Love) Sweeter than life 
(Your Love) Sweeter than anything


Nananana Nananana Nananana
I will Rejoice Always

AyAyAy AyAyAy AyAyAy


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